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BarelyEvil is all about the most thrilling sexy trouble seeking hellions you'd ever be tempted to meet. Young Rock'n Roll iconoclasts with darkly wicked sexuality. These girls challenge a lot of counterculture labels, Gutter-punk, Gothic, Deathrock, Satanist, Emo, and more, but one thing they have in common is their taste for hot daring adventure. Wild sensualists with a fiery penchant for breaking hearts and laws.
The hottest and most unique alternative girls from the coolest subcultural scenes around today. Smart, funny, and totally adventurous, sexually and otherwise. These girls will try just about anything... twice. BarelyEvil girls are awesome and beautiful and cool and you can get to know them better in our forums and chatrooms while enjoying tens of thousands thousands of creative sexy explicit intimate pictures and layouts on the site.
-- Forrest Black

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